West Virginia
158B Seneca Trail
Fairlea, WV

  Saturday, August 6
10am --- 1pm

Classes for girls and boys ages 3 - 18 in:
Jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, gymnastics, hip hop, private voice and dance lessons available,
competitive teams, and our new classes --- advanced hip hop, contemporary, advanced
acro-gymnastics and our new tiny tots creative movement class for 2 yr olds.

Discounts available on sign-up day along with our already great family discounts.
Make sure to register early to save your spot !

Classes begin August, 29th.
For more information please call Shelley Neal

Fall Schedule is posted on the 'Schedule' page.

Questions Frequently Asked About Images of Dance

1.    What does my child have to wear? All students are to wear bodysuits and tights or jazz pants and dance shirt.  Shoes are more comfortable with tights.  Shoes required are pink split sole ballet shoes, and black tap shoes.  Ages 10 and up are required to have black jazz shoes and Team girls are required to have both black and tan jazz shoes.
2.    When are class payments due?  Payments are due the first class of the month.
3.    What if my child misses a class?  Money is not refunded for missed classes by the student.  Classes are only made up  if Instructor has to miss.
4.    What if the instructors miss a class?  Class will be rescheduled as soon as possible but most of the time the months that have 5 lessons in them will work out evenly.
5.    When are performances?  Teams have many performances throughout the year but the annual dance recital will be June 19, 2010.
6.    Are students required to be at Recital Rehearsal?  All students are required to participate in rehearsal and if they do not, then they are not allowed to perform in the recital performance.
7.    Can my child still perform in Recital if their payments are not caught up by recital time?  No, all students are required to be caught up on payments of instruction before the recital.
8.    If there is a snow day for the public school, do we still have classes?  Yes, unless after 12:00 noon there is a message on the studio phone that says otherwise.  The studio number is 304-573-4051.
9.    Am I allowed to watch classes?  We have a closed class policy because I find the students are more focused without family and friends watching them learn although you may watch through the window of the dance studio if you need to check on your child.
10.    When are students selected for teams?  After at least a year of dancing with Images of Dance and are considered level ready for team competitive dancing then they will be considered by the instructor for team.

Updated on:  8/2/16